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Sooooo, today was a little crazy in that I started Dr. Hulda Clark’s liver/gallbladder cleanse yesterday, which carried over into today. If anyone has done one of these, you know that it can knock you out for about 24 hours. Anyway, I am successfully recovering from that tonight (but, hey, on the bright side HUNDREDS of gallstones came out, and I must be at least a couple pounds lighter). As far as what happened on day #2 of my New Moon 90-day Journey, in spite of being weak from the cleanse, I did manage to watch the money/relationship/friendship videos with subliminal programming from the Mind Movies people and play the meditation loops in the background most of the day, wrote down affirmations for my goals and mock-ups for my romantic relationship, money, my body, beauty, friendships, dance, and my troupe family AND read the e-book the Mind Movies people sent me called “How To Create Your Future.” Oh, and I did some of the visualization exercises, too. All in all a pretty successful day #2. Yay.


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This morning, I embarked on a new moon, solar eclipse, 90-day journey (symbolically) to overhaul my current life. I am using Natalie Ledwell’s creation ( as a framework for this change. This past Friday night, I discovered her via a google search for “law of attraction visualization software,” and, according to a reviewer, her software is the best out there to-date. Ironically enough, she was hosting an online training seminar (Put Your Success on Auto-Pilot) the next day (this past Saturday) and I signed up for it.

It was a pretty amazing 1-hour training, and I learned a lot about brain waves (delta, theta, alpha, gamma) and what are the most beneficial ones for accessing your subconscious as the key to making major changes in your life. She had a brain specialist co-pilot in the training with her named Morry Zelcovich, and I learned that her products have some powerful software encoded to alter your subconscious in order to change your programming from childhood (you are pretty much formed mentally by the time you are 5 years old) to help produce the results you are seeking, but have not been able to because of seeming set-backs or blocks.

So, I purchased her “Mind Movies Matrix” package and started this morning with her specific instructions (shared in the seminar) on what to do for the next 90 days.

I have been a long-time believer in and supporter of the Law of Attraction philosophy and have changed a good deal of my life for the better because of it. I find myself at another fork in the road and want to create something even better for myself. I would like to share that in a public forum and since I created this blog space awhile ago (sheesh, yes! all the way back in 2010), I figure this would be a good place to share with you my journey, my feelings about it, my process, revelations, discoveries, changes and progress. So, here I go … off into the wild blue yonder of change. Wheeeeeeeee!

Angelica & Gabriel

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I welcomed Gabriel and Angelica into my home in May of 2009. Gabriel was born January 7, 2009 and Angelica was born January 20, 2009.



Since I am also a pet psychic, I have always been very in tune with my animals and these two are no exception. This might sound a little “far out” to some, but I have actually been with these two souls before.

Early on in life, I started to become aware that strong love between myself and my animals would actually draw them back to me, and in researching it further, I found that, yes, indeed, the same “soul mate” (we can also have animal soul mates) kept coming back to me again and again, just in different bodies, all in kitty bodies (thank goodness for me).

So, long story short, Gabriel has been with me 4 other times in this life time, and Angelica has been with me 2 other times in this life time. They were also the two kitties I had lost in 2008, Ricky and Isabella (see pictures below). They loved me and each other enough to want to come back and do it all over again. Isabella (below) is now Angelica (above) and Ricky (below) is now Gabriel (above).



I think the coolest thing about the “return” is that you can actually feel that it is them, even though they may look different. They exhibit the same behaviors and individual quirks they had before. It is probably the most interesting and fulfilling thing that has ever happened to me. 😉