September 14th, 2015 § 1 comment

Sooooo, today was a little crazy in that I started Dr. Hulda Clark’s liver/gallbladder cleanse yesterday, which carried over into today. If anyone has done one of these, you know that it can knock you out for about 24 hours. Anyway, I am successfully recovering from that tonight (but, hey, on the bright side HUNDREDS of gallstones came out, and I must be at least a couple pounds lighter). As far as what happened on day #2 of my New Moon 90-day Journey, in spite of being weak from the cleanse, I did manage to watch the money/relationship/friendship videos with subliminal programming from the Mind Movies people and play the meditation loops in the background most of the day, wrote down affirmations for my goals and mock-ups for my romantic relationship, money, my body, beauty, friendships, dance, and my troupe family AND read the e-book the Mind Movies people sent me called “How To Create Your Future.” Oh, and I did some of the visualization exercises, too. All in all a pretty successful day #2. Yay.

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