Make a Payment

This feature is available to you so you may make a payment for any of the services offered. Please click the “Make a Payment” button below, fill in the amount you would like to pay:

a) $95.00 for a 60-minute people, pet, deceased loved ones, Therapy-In-The-Sky reading or a 60-minute long-distance healing.

b) $53.00 for a 30-minute people, pet, deceased loved ones, Therapy-In-The-Sky reading, or a 30-minute long-distance healing.

c) $45.00 for a single 60-minute spiritual tools coaching session.

d) $165.00 for four (4) 1-hour spiritual tools coaching sessions.

Click “Continue” and either log into your PayPal account or click the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” option at the bottom of the PayPal page.

Please feel free to email me with questions about any of the above or to set up the date and time of our session(s) at for readings and healings for spiritual tools coaching sessions.  Thank you!